August 21, 2011


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...well for starters today has been nonetheless a snooze. Went to church this morning, just in time to discover a new face in the church. Awkward is the word I would use to describe my introduction to him. All the older women kept whispering in my ear, "Go talk to him" and "He's cute, say hi!". Uhh pass. I mean I said hi, but really. I have no desire to have a romantic interest in this guy. Goodnight. Anyways. He was a nice kid, but not my type. So my morning continued with the regular avoidance of people I would rather not talk to, followed by the "I'll just follow my parents around until I find someone my age to talk to" move. After church I came home, and dreamed of the day when my life will not be so awkward.

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