September 29, 2011

Study Fright...I mean Night

This is bad. It's the 8th day of school and I already loathe it. The worst part being it's only one class that I am taking since it's the only credit left before I graduate. I have a test tomorrow and my college transfer apps are due Saturday. Lovely.
On the bright side, my cousin is up visiting till Saturday. So at least when I am done with these deadlines and this dreadful test that I am taking tomorrow, I can have a good laugh.
By the way living at home while going to college may sound like an okay plan, but believe me there are downsides. Like having your parents continually checking on you to make sure you are doing your homework...yes mom blogging is an assignment...haha! Ok so maybe blogging about that isn't the best idea, but hey, everyone needs an outlet. Needless to say, I am praying that I get accepted into one of the schools that I applied to, because this girl needs to move out.
Oh! Also, my sister works at Starbucks, and tonight she closed, which meant she got to take home food that was left over, which equals the best treats ever! Except I told her not to bring home the mini pink donuts, since those are my weakness, and I cannot stop at just one. Good news is she didn't bring them home, and some how I am disappointed. Ummm no this is a good thing body..
Anyways, I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening! I am locking myself in my room til I understand this math stuff.

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