October 9, 2011

Weekend Update

So this week has been kind of crazy with my parents flying to Europe, going to school, and trying to make my sisters 24th birthday amaze, followed by dog sitting. For my sister's bday I made a french silk chocolate pie, which was deeelish. We decorated the table with candles, and set it with champagne flutes and china plates. It was really fun! And super girly feeling, then we finished off the night with the 3 of us watching home videos and laughing til midnight. I can't imagine not having my sisters. The next night we had a small party with appetizers and gabbed with friends. Then we got gussied up and went out to the Melting Pot in Seattle, followed by Taphouse. So fun! This weekend I dog sat these two dogs, one a 4 year old bernise mountain dog mix and some small dog who thinks she's alpha dog. I have watched these dogs before with no problem. But this time the mix dog decided he was going to eat the wall when I put him in his room, and scratch the door apart. It sounded like someone was trying to get into the house to murder someone. So scary. he not only did it once he did it three times this weekend. I thought I was going to go insane. Needless to say I got about a total of 10 hours of sleep this weekend and have decided I will NEVER own a dog. Happy Sunday!

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