November 4, 2011


Yay! 100 views! Thanks to all who spent time viewing my blog. Without you I'd be at 0. In honor of my 100 views I am going to list 10 of my favorite things. I know it's not 100. But let's face it 100 is way to much for even me to read. So here are 10 of my favorite things in life...

                                              These are a few of my favorite things 
      1. Frozen blueberries- I eat these babies like popcorn, 365 days of the year
      2. Black and white photography- nothing classier than that
      3. Michael Buble and his music- yes, I own all the albums...even the Christmas one's.
      4. Paris.- you don't need to know anymore than that to understand...oh Eiffel
      5. Antiquing- Flea Markets, shopping downtown, shopping in your grandma's basement, nothing better.
      6. Men with accents- Irish, Australian, British...mmmmhmm
      7. Season of Christmas-the smells, the food, the music, the joy
      8. Fashion- Shopping, styling, watching fashion shows, EVERYTHING
      9. Crooner's music and any music from the 30's-50's- sitting in a blanket drinking tea while the rain is pouring outside. 
      10. Dressing up and going out- I love feeling pretty!

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