November 18, 2011


Tonight, I ventured with my parents to a french cooking class. It was tres bon! The food was magnifique. Tried a banana tarte and duck...two things I have never had. Both beyond expectations...mmmm. Afterwards, we came home and with the temperatures below freezing I changed into my comfies...yes those lovely grey sweatpants...and cozied up in a chair and delved into "The Hunger Game"...if you haven't read that book I would recommend it. I started it yesterday in the evening and found it hard to put down. Unfortunately we only have the first book, so I am now chomping at the bit for what happens next. But to my relief, my best friend has books #2 & #3 and is coming home from school tomorrow for break. YIPPEE! So tomorrow, since my parents are having a dinner party and my sisters both have plans as well as my best friend, I plan on being locked in my room with the comforts of my bed and completing the series.  I know, you are envious of my weekend...don't worry it gets old after a while. 
So to leave you with something other than books, food, and my calm weekend, I leave you with some shoes that make me

{Valentino Platform Lace}
{Studded Heels}
{Peek-a-boo Heels}
{Striped Louboutin's...does the ring come with it too??}
{Louboutin's & the Eiffel. Ya, love}
{Tan and Coral}

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