December 9, 2011

Aftermath Of A Concert

I have loved Mumford & Sons for about 2 years, but for some reason after seeing them in concert I have become an even more obsessed fan. I can't stop listening to them, finding video clips online, and looking up things on them. Sounds weird. Sounds like I'm a crazy. Sounds like I have issues. But it's true. This is what happens after I see my favorite band. I guess it just happens when someone's music is that good. I guess it's not surprising. This is what happened after I saw Buble in concert. Favorite singer. I saw him in concert 3 times that year. 

I guess to sum it up. When I like good music, and I mean good, makes your soul ache good music, I become an even greater fan. Even if it may seem creepy. I am not trying to be. 

(I dearly apologize to those who find this post a bit off, or strange. But don't lie, you do it too. Even if it's an actor, designer, movie, or music.)

Do you go into a craze after you see/hear something you really like? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

{Just the boys jamming to Dust Bowl Dance- the video is below, it's not my video but it's from the night I was there}

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