December 29, 2011

Holiday Trip

Yesterday my family and I went up to this lovely Bavarian style town called Leavenworth. It is about 20 minutes past the best diner "59er Diner" and also is a short 20 minutes from my aunt and uncle's cabin. All I really wanted to see was snow. snOW. SNOW. Unfortunately, the temperatures were about 5 degrees above freezing and thus, the rain never turned into snow. We shopped, ate, and laughed. There were crowds of people and the lights on the tree were magnificent.

My reflection in a puddle of snow water
My parents in Starbucks

We loved every minute of it.
(P.S. On the way home we encountered: 
snow, ice, rain, wind and rain 
a car battery that decided it wanted to quit, luckily it didn't)


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