January 27, 2012

Friday Confessions

Hello!! So I changed the name of my Friday posting to "Friday Confessions", it was previously known as "Fail & Fabulous" but I wasn't really digging that name...therefore it has been changed....anyways....
Happy Friday! Hope you all have had/are having a wonderful week. Here's my exciting moments for the past 7 days. Enjoy!

That awkward moment at weddings when the slow dance song comes on and you and your sisters just stare at each other. Leave the dance floor. And sit down.

The silence that occurs when no one knows what else to say. Cue the "umm" or "yeaa". You think of a quick excuse and jet out of there.

Trying to study but playing Temple Run on your iPhone is so much more fun! "Ahhh, shoot I was eaten by the creepy skeleton dogs again!" See endless hours of fun.

Realizing Twitter is now an addiction. "First step is to acknowledge you have a problem...."

When you are trying to be cool in front of some musicians...cool isn't really in my vocabulary...silent and awkward turtle girl are though.

When the bride throws her bouquet at the wedding. "All the SINGLE ladies!" Is it just me, or does that make anyone who IS ACTUALLY single want to hide in a corner.

Saying things one night, then waking up the next morning completely mortified by what you had said.

Looking for something in your sisters room, seeing a black spider out of the corner of your eye, then proceeding to jump on the chair and leap across the room. And run out the door.

Dancing in the kitchen before a math test whilst being home alone. BEST way to shake off them nerves PLUS it helps distract you AND it's fun.

Finding what you wanted out of your sister's room before you saw the spider.

Using your sister's old postal code from when she studied in London, to listen to some awesome singer who we are big fans of here in the States be a guest on the radio. Hah! Take that "not available where you live..ya what!"

Feeling like I knew what I was doing on a math test. FINALLY.

Making twitter friends from around the world. I tell ya. I am twitter fan for sure.


Having a good hair day. See here. And putting together an outfit that I liked. ALOT.

Ed Sheeran releasing an EP of a new track with Yelawolf. FOR FREE. It's a new favorite song of mine.

My birthday being in 12 days.....

My mom daring me to eat sour gushers and not make a face. I won...obvi.

Catching up with one of my dear friends and him making a delicious lunch!

Seeing a family friend get married and them gushing with happiness.

Me and my sisters being the only ones on the dance floor at the wedding for a bit. DANCING QUEENS FOR SURE.

Listening to my grandma tell stories of old dates and boyfriends from H.S. and college. Oh the 1940's seemed so fabulous.

Going to do a photo shoot at a recording studio. I was in heaven.

My cousin coming(this Saturday) to spend the weekend up here. Can't wait!!

Finishing my math test. Driving home. And climbing into bed. Best. Thing. Ever.


Margaret said...

I haaate the bouquet toss at weddings. I always hide!

Were you at a concert when you saw a musician? I'm pretty much awkward 100% of the time when males are involved, whether or not musicians are involved. :)

Katie said...

No I was in a recording studio. Soooo awkward. Hahaha