January 9, 2012

Spotlight Monday

Did any of you guess what this post was going to be from my clues last night? 
If you did bravo to you (clapping) and if you didn't that is ok too, you can still read this post. 

Here it is. A place that I have been in for 6 days back in 2009.

Why London you ask? Why not London. I am an avid fan of Paris (it is my first love), but London, or England I should say is spectacular as well. They have so much history. The pubs are fun. The people are pleasant. The museums. The British accents (need I say more there). Annnddddddd the music scene. Holy banana peel, the music is amazing there. 10 times better than here.

I have recently become a fan of twitter. I thought it was a pointless site that had no purpose and was just like facebook status updates. But since I have gotten my iPhone I have realized I misjudged that social media. I am starting to think facebook is purposeless. Anyways, the beauty of twitter is that it has connected me to so many people around the world, and has exposed me to these fantastic singers (either up and coming or very popular in Europe) and I have been even able to talk to some of them. AWESOME POINTS for sure.

So today I am going to expose them to you. Because soon enough they will be just as big over here as they are overseas.

Ed Sheeran. Ahhhhmazing. This guy is so incredibly talented, I am pretty sure he could write a song about a sandwich I would think the song was amazing. He is 20 years old and is so talented on the guitar and with beat boxing, oh and singing.(Actually listening to him while I write this blog). All of his songs are good. This one is probably my favorite.
Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran. Wonderful song. Gives me goosebumps everytime.

Lewis Mokler. Another talented guy. He is just starting out in London but within a few months I am pretty positive he will be quite popular.
You Are Beautiful To Me-Lewis Mokler. Good song.

Leddra Chapman. Love her songs. Her voice I want. 
This song is with Ed Sheeran, her other songs are just as good but this one is my favorite.
Someone Better Than You-Leddra Chapman & Ed Sheeran

These are the 3 people I have been listening to constantly, besides from Mumford & Sons. Listen to them. Love them. Tell me all about how they are your new music obsessions. And I am sure we will be great friends.

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