February 15, 2012


Hope everyone had a great valentine's day! I definitely did! Great work out at the gym, catching up on shows, doing homework, having a British valentine, delish dinner with the fam bam, getting out of math class 45 min early because my math teacher wanted to go home to see his wife (hallelujah), coming home to sweetheart candy and lollipops! yummmmm. Then ending the evening with me and my sister watching Titanic...

Funny story about Titanic. My sister and I wanted to watch something depressing, so we chose Titanic, good choice right? Well everything was fine and dandy, we even had a box of kleenex next to ourselves, then the iceberg hit the Titanic. TV was turned off and no tears shed...Apparently we did not want to watch anything THAT depressing.....We should have just watched Twilight instead. 

Have a fabulouso Wednesday!
My cats love me.

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