March 2, 2012

Friday Confessions

Here are some photos from my week...
after the photos comes the confessions....

(1st Row: chapel where we went to a wedding at on Wednesday (Leap Day)
(2nd Row-Photo 1: my math assignment.  Photo 2: heels. had to have proof cuz it's a rarity)
(3rd Row: Sister and I at the reception. Two words. Candy Bar.)

Drum roll please...........
Friday Confessions!!
-Doing your best model walk down the isle way at  the chapel. Then the mother of the bride walks in. I'll just walk over to this pew and sit down. Face slowly changing color, sister starting to chuckle. Me hide.
-The photo below is what happens when you have absolutely nothing else left to wear because all your other clothes are being washed. Good thing I don't have plans ever.
-When  dress extra schmancy for church because it's leap day. Ok we were going to a wedding afterwards but everyone was deeply confused why we were wearing heels and dresses.
-That awkward walk when there are no machines avaliable at the gym so you walk around pretending like you are purposely looking around but actually you have no idea where to go...
-Sitting in the dark shadows of my car waiting for a parking spot to open up. On top on that when I found a spot I had to retry parallel 5 times. 5 times. I just gave up and tried a different spot...farther away.
-Driving past my sister when I was going to pick her up. The problem. My windows hadn't defrosted yet. So that was smart.
-Spending 3 days perfecting my best friend's bday card. Only to find out she won't get it because she'll be in Florida when it arrives. 
-Having chocolate on my fingers. Which I touched to my jaw. Which then became an outline of the side of jawline. Cool.
-That moment when you realize your life is Bridget Jone's Diary.
-Wearing heels and not wanting to chop my feet off. 
-Going to the gym everyday this week. Thus my arms and abs are looking good.
-Eating 5 cookies in a row. 
-The guy in my math class trying to sneakily look at me, unfortunately he had to turn around completely to do so...not obvious at all. Still flattered.
-Researching legit flights to England. Oh ya it's happening.
-The Oscars.
-Seeing my preggers cousin's belly. She is 7 month pregnant. I am so excited to meet the little fella in May. Woop woop!
-Music. Music. Music. It makes my day everyday.
-Will & Grace. Hillllarrriiiiooousssssssssssss
-When previews for John Carter come on the TV at the gym. Drool.

Have a grandeoso weekend every one!!

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