April 12, 2012

Friday Confessions

Stop right there. I know it is Thursday, don't get all jumpy. I am just being fancy and making my Friday Confessions on a Thursday because I will be out of town as of tomorrow. Yeehaw! Oh and have a lovely Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday :)

-Telling a story at the dinner table with 40 eyes on me and being interrupted by 1, 2, 3 car alarms...the 3rd one from my father who thought it would be fun to join the car alarm beeping party. Thus leaving me with a red face and a quiet voice. (This is why I typically don't talk at family dinners)
-Rolling over in my bed, taking a deep breathe and instead of breathing in like "hhhhh ahhh" I snorted. Don't know how. Don't even...ya. 
-Wearing wedges to Easter service, making my 5'8" height go to 5'11". People told me to take the shoes off. jdiodjeiwfnewm can't please anyone. (I did keep them on and could see over most of those shorty people's heads. they are just jealous...yep.)
-That warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your cousins are talking about their jobs and school (btw, they are all doctors, teachers, architects or military) and then there is me and my sisters, the creative children, the actresses and the fashion girly. Cool, I'll just shove more bread in my mouth while you talk about educating the world..."Pasm da mjam".
-Dancing in the hallway and showing my sister my sweet moves. SMACK! "Oh hey, hey there Katie, I'm wall, and I think you should just stop. Stop the dancing".....The walls and floor CLEARLY are jealous that I can dance and they can't. Hence why they are always hitting me.
-My best friend and I exploring our old high school that has been remodeled since we graduated (2009 yeahhh!...sorry I had to) and having the vice principal Brockman see us and ask us questions and look at us like we were vandalizers and thieves. Yes. Me. Shy, quiet, wouldn't hurt a bug if it bit me, is really just hoping to steal some old books and trophies. Shoot. You caught me.
-Being whistled at 4 times whilst out on a walk with my cousin. And her keeping count and being amazed at how many times people would holler at us. Soooo uncomfortable.
-Finding out that the lugnuts you thought were stolen off your car were actually just loose (don't know how) and fell off when you were at your grandma's. Cool. I'm still gonna stick with the "Someone tried to steal the tires off our car!" story.
-Onions making me look like a crying baby. Every. Time. 
-Not going back to school! YEEEE!
-Spending time with my best friend and my cousin. Gotta love holidays :)
-Talking to my cousin (I have a alot) for 2 hours on the phone. Much needed. Much overdue.
-Wearing wedges twice in a week. I love being a girl. 100% amazingness
-Cleaning out my room. It's a much needed seasonal doing, in order to keep this one a sane one. 
-Homemade Pancakes
-Going on a walk with my sister and using the walk way as a stage to dance and sing to my iPod. We have pure talent. 
-Realizing how exciting my life is about to get. Honestly. Yay Katie!
-SUNSHINE!!! WOW, wonderful, glorious, color giving ball of fire. Thank you :)
-Seeing Titanic in 3D. Best part....pretending to be Celine Dion in an empty (GIGANTIC) theater while the credits are rolling and using the rows, railings and stairs as a stage. Oh yes. I wish someone had filmed it. My sister, her best friend and I. Look out Celine!
Happy weekend eer-body :D hope it's fantabulous.

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