June 12, 2012

Late Night Posting

hahahahahaha. Oh goodness honey buckle. I am really awake right now. Not only because I just ate 3 graham crackers, not because Ed Sheeran's album is #1 stateside (ajsldjklwdnsl) but because I have this special brain that stays awake when normal people would be sleeping. Lucky me.
I think these late night posts are a specialty of mine. 1) They make no sense. 2) It gives me something to do, plus deep dark secrets are usually spilled.....

So today Seattle decided it would be fun to take the sun out to play. The sun was more than enthusiastic about playing and made sure no bullies (aka the clouds) picked on him....(see what i said about late night postings...special aye(eye brow dance))
It was a high of 75 degrees today! Yippee! I did lay in the sun, yup yup, with my best friend. We even looked through wedding magazines, because that is what nonengaged girls do. Then we came inside for some chips and salsa and some home video watching of when I was 2 years old, which was a hilarious time of my life. Also-fun fact-it appears as the age of 2 was when I began falling over while dancing. There is a video to prove it. Anyways. Then my friend went home, my grandma came for dinner, my friends picked me up after dinner, we went to starbucks, we chatted, we went to my friends house for the bachelorette. That is what I did today...I mean I did other things, but I needeth noteth boreth youeth witheth thateth.

After an hour of hollering "You pig! Ugh (insert name here) is such a player/tool**, we decided it was time to look back on our friendship of 3 years, and laugh. And holy banana peel we did. Man, we have changed (and for the better), but reminicising about the summer after we graduated from high school (the summer when me, abby, and michelle became inseparable best friends) made me miss those days. The being tan part...for obvious reasons, the "going to the dock every day for the whole summer", the late night driving, the movie's in the park, 3 am baking cakes, midnight tomfoolery. Good times, and to think we all thought 4 years going our separate ways off at universities would take forever. It really hasn't it's flown by! And Michelle even got married! My goodness! I honestly 100% love these girls, they are my "laugh til it hurts and you fall over" girls. We are pretty sure our friendship will last til we're 87 and living in different parts of the world, but hey, if it's a good friendship, you keep it. We are 3 girls from different backgrounds but that's partly what makes it work so well...funny thing is we weren't friends in high school, now we can't imagine not being there for each other. Love 'em. Yep. I do.

...........that was an extremely sappy post. I did not have any intention of this post going that way, but hey! I told ya late night postings are unpredictable. So hoo haw! And yippee skayyyy! Have a lovely night or day. :)

**any word that is an insult to the opposite sex when they are being ridiculous.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the 'no sleep' part, it the rest is very funny. And, some people, who are players, deserve to be brought down a notch or two.