August 31, 2012

Friday Confessions

Labor Day weekend! Yippee! Enjoy your three day weekend (americans) and if you aren't getting a three day weekend, well, sorry I'm not sorry enjoy your weekend! And where I live the weather is supposed to be quite pleasant, so three "hip-hip hurrah's" for that!
-Walking along the river walk and watching two jet skiers doing tricks in the river. Then one slows down in front of my dad and me and he waves. My dad goes "oh he's waving at you." so I wave back (which friends, I never do that, like, ever) and then my dad and I start laughing because the man keeps showing off right in front of us. We walk away after a bit, go join my mom and she says that man was waving at his little daughter...WHO WAS BEHIND ME.
-Eye contact. Eye contact with strangers at the gym. 
-Going through your computer to clean it out and you come across years and years of fabulous self portraits all for the sake of a "MySpace profile pic". Delete.
-Eating 7 4 pancakes by yourself because no one is home.
-Winks and cat calls by random strangers while on your way home from lunch while carrying a box of pizza. Those must be some hungry people. Pizza is over there!
-Singing the wrong words at the wrong time during church service. The best part being that it was the part of the song when you need to belt it and the octave goes up! LAAAAAAA oh, uhm, haha.....
-the awkward "car flirting"/"who is in that car" driving. Never ends well. Mostly with me blushing like a school girl and speeding off.
-Driving around a block 10 times to find a parking spot. And seeing the same people everytime you go for another loop.
-Crying like a 3 year old who had their favorite barbie doll taken away from them, when trying to figure out what I am supposed to do with my life/figuring out my year plan. Oi vey. Awkward, but it needed to happen.
-Creepin on someone's (whom you are not friend's with) facebook, looking through their photos and you accidentally "like" one. Nothing more freighting and heart attack worthy moment than that!.....delete facebook profile..uhm yea. They'll never know......
-Sitting like a normal human being in my papazon chair and falling over in it. Almost hitting my head on the fussball table. And no. Annie did not help me. She just almost peed herself from laughing so hard. 
-The fabulous August has brought us, has been spectacular. Puhlease don't leave sun!
-Going out with friends to Redhook Brewery for a movie under the stars. Much laughter, much food, much fun....minus the no eye candy factor. Lame.
-Friends who make you laugh even if they are far away.
-My parents. Beyond blessed for their support. they are amazing.
-Sleep over in my sister's room.
-Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
-Trying out a new restaurant with the parents and being the only customers. So fun! And it was delish. :)
-Going to a gig in a record store for Allen Stone. 
-Uhhh my 2 pack, that is now turning into a 4 pack. Can I get a few more whoops and go Katie's please!
-Running outside. Not on a treadmill. And yes. I did run over 2 miles. My mom is my motivator and partner for these daring runs.

Have a great last few days of summer guys! Enjoy it!!

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Anonymous said...

You forgot when you epic fail fell out of your papazan. (Or however you spell it)