November 27, 2012

Fashion-5 Trends

Hello Readers! I hope you all had an excellent Thanksgiving! And if you weren't celebrating, I hope you had an excellent weekend. :)
As promised, from my last post, I am going to be posting certain topics more often and on a scheduled basis so you can get the idea of when you might want to return....please do....I like you... :)

I am really liking the trends that are happening right now. Some are weird yes (socks with heels...really? C'mon.) So here are 5 of my favorite trends as of now.................

1.) Collared button up shirts. Buttoned to none other than the top.
2.) Sweaters. Big chunky ones or nice and neat ones. (Tucked into trousers/skirts whatever.)
3.) Sneakers or *cough* trainers *cough* oops, sorry did I just let some british out?
4.) Leather:Jackets.Leggings.Trousers.Skirts. As seen here too.
5.) Layering of necklaces or rings.
All photos can be found here.

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