March 8, 2013

Day 13: London

Second day in London.
My sister and I headed out into the cold bri(tish)sk air, hopped on the tube and went to the TKTS booth to see if we could find any cheap tickets for a broadway show. We found none. That's all we did.
.....Just kidding. We went into the National Gallery to look at a few of our favorite paintings, we both love the Lady Jane Gray artwork; the lighting, the realness, the detail and most importantly, the sheer terror and fear that one feels when looking at the painting. After staring at it for a good 20 minutes, we decided to meander around London some more. That evening we had tickets to go see Ryan Keen perform at the Borderline in London, so we knew we did not have time to take a train trip outside of London to go site seeing elsewhere, thus we stayed inside the city and walked around till our feet were tired.
We headed out to get dinner at Wagamamas, a british chain restaurant that serves delicious noodly foods. With full stomachs we went to a pub to meet up with friends and headed to the Borderline from there.
The gig was fantastic, the openers were entertaining and talented. The place was packed with english men and women drinking and singing along, me and my sister joined in, it was so fun. The support acts were Lauren Aquilina and David McCaffrey, they are great *cough*check them out *cough*. After the show we met Ryan Keen himself and had a  chat. I knew Ryan from the world of twitter so when I went to say hello he immediately recognized me and was really excited to meet me, plus the fact that I was all the way over from America was equally as awesome (in my opinion). I got two cd's, one for my friend and one for myself, got them signed (When I got back from England, I surprised my best friend with the cd, she was over the moon with excitement.) It was a really fun evening topped off by going to a pub till it closed. 

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Best Day Ever!?!