March 11, 2013

Ick I'm Sick

Gross. I seem to have a caught a cold from this lovely germasphere that many people call college. Last week was a few midterms for me which meant little sleep. I was doing great, then the weekend came and my body relaxed and my immune system put down it's walls. The result, a cold for me. I am currently nursing myself back to health with cold pills, kleenex from here to Timbuktu, oranges, tea, nasal spray, hot showers and vaseline to moisturize my Rudolph the Red Nosed girl nose. It's super fun and I love feeling disgusting/in a fog. The only bonus to this illness is that I can watch oodles of movies and not feel guilty about wasting my time in front of a screen. Here is the top 10 movies I go for when I am feeling under the weather. What are your go-to's for sick days?

1. Harry Potter (1-7)
2. Devil Wears Prada
3. Enchanted
4. 101 Dalmatians (Original Disney version)
5. Mulan
6. Pride & Prejudice
7. Legally Blonde
8. Star Wars (the trilogy)
9. The Holiday
10. Singing in the Rain

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You forgot, "She's the Man". Feel better soon!