March 5, 2013

Midterms Mania

I am currently in the pit of study guides and post-it notes, overdosing on Nutella and tea. My midterms, or some of my midterms, have been taking place this week and I am 100% exhausted....also my hand is a cramped up little bugger. I have one more midterm tomorrow and a paper due Thursday, then the lovely weekend will present itself in all its glory and I shall celebrate by working on a paper!!...wait what. College is fun.
To wind down my evening I am doing one of my favorite things, curled under my covers while browsing through iTunes. I love finding gems in a pile of rocks. P.s. my roommates are screaming and laughing at a ridiculous sound level and it's nearing 11pm. Thusly I have my fan on and my music up.
College is weird.

Have a good night folks! I am going to try to sleep....if that's possible with Noisy 1 and Noisy 2 out in the other room with a man, flirting like crazy. Helllllp me.

Here's something enjoyable.

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