April 9, 2013

Tuesday Tune

Music is one of the things in life that I need. Sort of like air, I can't really function with out it. I walk around campus a lot of the time with headphones in and world out. It is a type of meditation for me. Clears the head and lets me escape for a while.
That being said, I have come across a whole lotta talent in this past year and I want to share those people with you.
So here is my song of the week. Mind you, what I just wrote above goes completely out the window about the video I choose to post this week. It's more of a "rediscovery" of music post. Hold on to your gelled hair and synchronized band moves.

N'Sync: I Want You Back. 
(Also, this video brought this thought to me...where is Joey Fatone in the video??)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I actually know all the words! Plus, I think they stole some of my dance moves. Lol