April 24, 2013

Wednesday-Tune Day

Today is Wednesday, incase you were not aware, I am fully aware because Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. The Halfway Point. Yay.
I have been trying to get myself back into the motivation of workout routines and have been failing miserably at it. Sometimes it is beyond difficult to workout alone. Anyways, I plan on going on a run today, I have to go on a run today. It needs to happen. Maybe we can hold each other to it? Deal?
I cannot believe the month of April is almost over with May just peaking around the corner, which also means dead week which then means finals. Ahhhhhhhh. Don't know how I will be able to manage that since my calendar for May is pretty much blackened with Sharpie markings, oh well. At least that means I am this much closer to returning to the Emerald City, oh Seattle how beautiful you are.

And on that note I am leaving you with the song for today:
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-Can't Hold Us feat. Ray Dalton

This tune is 292308x better than Thrift Shop (which is over played and I'm done poppin' tags).
they make Seattle & Washington look so rockstar esq....eh, who are we kiddin'
Seattle is rockstar esq.

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