July 19, 2013

Friday Confessions

Good to know today is ACTUALLY Friday. I think I have assumed everyday was Friday, at least I was right one of the days ;)
-My gimpy toe. I cannot pick up a sock with my left toe. Nothing has made me more unable than that. My right toe had to show off and show my left toe how it's done.
-Falling down. I was trying to go down the stairs.
-My good friend and I are both on crutches with boots, and well Sunday at church came along, we were sitting outside of the Sanctuary and nearly every person that came into church noted our twinliness and I think I am done with answering the question "What happened here". Oh and someone took a photo of us. Celebrity status.
-Getting hit on by not one but two guys. Not that that's not awkward, but I was just not adorable looking. SO I have converted to sweatshirts and sneakers till someone sticks with me.
-Being yelled at by a homeless man.
-At home workouts with your sister. Need I say more. That sentence alone has plenty of humor.

-Study abroad research. Oh my goodness words cannot express how excited that makes me.
-Finishing the work week.
-Getting the OKAY to walk on my foot for short segments of time. This means no crutches at times!!
-Driving a car. That felt wonderful.
-Will & Grace, that show makes me laugh like no other one can.
-Hanging out with my 7 year old cousin, he is like an actual conversing little human being.
-Reliving my childhood with my sister by watching old Disney Original movies. Wish Upon A Star anyone?
-Popsicles. Rediscovering the wonderfulness that those things possess.
-Watching Disney Princess movies with my sister and her fiance whilst devouring pizza. It was a perfect friday night. and NORMAL.
-The summer days of hanging out with your gimpy friend and watching movies. Cuz that's all either of you can do.

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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