August 19, 2013

Easy Street

Without much of an update to my life from this weekend, I have great news...I am walking around without a boot, without crutches and wait for it.....WITHOUT SCREWS! My foot has never felt more normal...except for back in May before my surgery. It is very exciting for. Surgery was awful not gonna lie. I felt nauseous after waking up from what I thought would be a 10 min surgery, it was an actually an hour...or at least I think it was I have no idea because I looked at the clock and nothing registered. Anyways! I had to have my iv filled with loads of drugs that would wave that nausea feeling away, unfortunately I spilled my pop while waiting to feel better so then it looked like I peed myself, and my face was as pale as a ghost. I am one cute patient. I had to have my mom stop talking so I could focus on not getting ill. My doctor and the nurses were asking me questions, to which I answered with complete honesty and with no filter because I did not know I was actually verbalizing what I was thinking. Thusly everyone was laughing at what I was saying. The nurse finally put the last drug in my iv that helped loads, however she told me it would make me extremely sleepy, which it did, and as she was wheeling me to the car I yawned so large that I said *YAWWHHHNNN* "I just feel like I haven't slept in milliiiiooons of years." She found that hilarious and I think I just stared off into the distance because that wasn't funny. It is now. But it wasn't then. Once in our car I threw the ice pack that was meant for my leg, on the front of my face and sat there while my mom drove home. Then I made it home, fell asleep for a long time and woke up unable to keep my eyes open so it was back to sleep I went.

Went to work the next day, the doctors called and scolded me for being at work. I went home early.

Saturday I had my best friend come over because everyone was out of the house so naturally we drank wine and pretended to be sophisticated women, but we ended the evening with brownies and tea, oh and being complete immature 22 year olds. It happens.

Today, well today I am good. Back to normal. No gauzed up bandaged hobbit looking foot for me. :D

After a great but short weekend, I am looking forward to this evening, FOY VANCE! He is in Seattle and is doing a F-R-E-E show at Easy Street Records. Which is the sickest venue for gig's in my opinion and a free show. Sold! I am way excited because he is brilliant live and my friends are all going.
Easy Street Records
Oh ps today I went to the gym and killed myself at the gym. Never been happier. I have been waiting for that workout for a loooooong time. And today it happened. Happy Katie. With shaky legs that cannot move up the stairs.


Fragile Bird said...

Oh no, what happened to your foot, I hope it's all on the mend now!

Please come and check out my latest post if you get a chance :)



Lola said...

OMGOSH - I love that feeling after the gym (knowing you worked hard)! Nothing better. :D

Very cute blog hun. Shall we follow each other? Let me know xx


Katie said...

It is thank you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Katie said...

haha yes!! thank you.