August 5, 2013

Summer Wrap Up?

Happy Monday to you all! I cannot believe it is August already! My summer has about 3 weeks left in it and then it's back to the California coast for this one.
I am not really going to wrap up my summer in this post, since it's not over yet, I will just pick out a few things that I did while I have been home.

-I was able to finally have the foot surgery I have been putting off for years and years, and now at the age of 22 I have one normal looking foot...right foot, I am coming for you next summer.
--even though having surgery on my foot made my summer more limiting, I still was able to hang with friends, go to the beach and have a pretty memorable summer. I mean what is more memorable than crutches and a space boot for 2 months.
-Wedding planning with my sister for her big day. My sister is getting married, so this is a summer of firsts for our family....PLANNING A WEDDING.
-Watching more tv shows and movies than I can recall.
-Realizing that this area that I call home is pretty darn amazing.
-Going to gigs with my seester again. Ah the simple joys in life.
-Eating oatmeal and liking it!? Who am i? ps...I eat it every day now.

That's not everything that has happened because I plan on amping up the volume on my summer now that i am....wait for it....BOOT FREE!!!
That's right folks! I kissed my boot goodbye finally and am loving walking around like a normal human-being, even though I still pick up my left foot a bit weirdly since it feels ridiculously lighter after wearing a boot for so long.

Oh and another thing, my sister finally decided on bridesmaid dresses for the 4 of us ladies that will be supporting her on her big day.

I am feeling pretty good today. I also just completed an actual legit work-out at the gym. And then proceeded to watch Project Runway while doing 8 min Buns.. feel the burn.


Evie Wright said...

Lovely Post! Sounds like you've made the most out of your summer! Really glad you've had such a good summer!

Evie Marie x

Katie said...

Thanks! I can't believe it's winding down :/