September 2, 2013

Well Hello There

Hey everyone!
Sorry for being so unbelievably absent from you, I had been in the midst of packing and playing for the last week and a half, but now I am back to you beautiful souls.
I just moved into my new dorm at my University and boy oh boy is it nice! I took a plane yesterday "all byyyy myselllffff" which is always entertaining even if I try to make it non-entertaining. Now I am back to the dry soil that is LA, and well I almost died from overdose of heat.
I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my helly hanson, welcome to the land of fame and sex, am I gonna fit in? (no) Grabbed my shuttle and up to my school I went. Yes the Hollywood sign was to my right.
I got up to my school tired and sweaty and not too excited to be back, last year's experience was one for the horror books...but then my good friend showed up and was oh so excited to see me which made me feel awesome. Got to my new home away from home and was instantly greeted by my new roommates who so friendly and inviting, it is a dream come true!! Oh and then there's my room.....a shoebox in comparison to last year but I secretly like it. And then I was walking through my residence hall and some guys said hi to me and introduced themselves..This is a complete 180 from last year. It feels good to meet normal nice people.

I had to do 3 runs in my friend's mini cooper to and from the storage facility where my stuff sat all summer. We managed to fit everything in though and all on our own! I unpacked by myself which took about 2 hours and a few breaks to not cry from the "why do I have so much crap" thought. But I am officially moved in!! And have never sweated more in my life then I did yesterday.
Grocery shopping-check
Kitchen & bathroom shopping-check

SO here I sit, back in my room, writing to you all, about my life right now. Here is where I start a new chapter to my life, a better one. And you better believe there will be entertaining and embarrassing stories coming your way because I'm Katie, and I am an advocate for all the awkward kids out there. :)


The Susielusie said...

So excited for you that it is all ready better than last year. I have a good feeling about your new room and new friends! :)

Katie said...

thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you managed so much all on your own. And extra glad that your school does have a friendly side as well as you seem surrounded by nice normal people this time. You go, Katie girl!

Katie said...

Thanks, me too!