October 3, 2013

"It's October 3rd."

Today is my Friday. So excited about that! I managed to make my way out of bed this morning even though my body just wanted to lay there. I then put on my workout clothes, made my bed, stared at myself in the mirror for a while and now I am here. Still in my workout gear. I am mentally running 5 miles but physically I am not. Doesn't that count? Trying to motivate oneself to workout is tough stuff. You are your own best friend and worst enemy all at once. These moments are the moments I wish I had someone to hold me accountable and be my workout buddy...especially since my sister is getting married in just under 2 months.
Can I just say how much I love my roommates. I know Monday I sounded a little less than excited about some stuff, but really truly I enjoy their company. Also, I was thinking this morning about how I have only counted down to going home 1 time this semester and I have been at school for a month now! That is record breaking compared to last year. I love college this year. I really do. :) Who knew it could be so fun to live with 3 other girls and basically have sleepovers every night with giggles and singing and dancing, and then the ever serious topics. Gosh it's fun!
I don't know if I mentioned this last week, but you guys, there is a hottie man who lives across the hall from us. He lives with 3 nerdy guys and boy is he pretty. I opened my door last week to get the rest of the groceries from my friend's car and there he was. Standing all man like opening his door. And guess what!? He saw me, and said hello and gave me the best smile ever! He is tall. Athletic build. Good smile. And yes, totally my type. Lucky me that he lives literally 2 steps away from my door. I felt like it was a scene from a movie. So on Monday when I was making supper, my roommate comes home from work and goes "KATIE! Hottie neighbor man was outside! He invited me over to see some wireless phone connector thing he had, and then we chatted about the crappy cell service, and I kept thinking 'WHERE IS KATIE?!'" This made me extremely happy because she understands my small crush. And she has a serious boyfriend so I am not threatened. Hahaha. I also think I have passed him before while I was leaving our building and he was going into the building. He smiled, I smiled, we locked eyes. It.was.magical. 1)because eye-contact. 2) I never look at attractive men for longer than .00472 seconds. and this was a solid 5 seconds. :) Katie is growing up a bit.

Have a good Thursday everyone!!

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