October 28, 2013

The Wonderful Weekend

As many of you know, I did not blog last Monday. I apologize, I had too many tests I had to study for....weird right since like I'm going to like college I like don't understand like why they like have to test us..I mean I'm here, c'mon.

Last weekend, not this past weekend but the weekend before that, my cousins drove 7 hours to spend 3 days with me!! Such a great girls weekend filled with laughter, wine, mickey mouse and lipstick.

We headed to the beach after a shopping spree at Trader Joe's. We lounged around in the sun eating chips and warding off seagulls. After our time spent there, we headed back to my dorm where I proceeded to introduce my cousins to the best show on the planet TLC's Alaskan Women Looking For Love. I prepared an italian dinner complete with my own sauce, and my famous bruschetta.
After dinner we gussied up and headed out on the town--to Santa Monica aka my favorite city in the LA area. Drinks were had, laughing was happening around the clock and we felt fancy. Then, two men approached us. Total buzzkill. We left after them carrying on an unwanted conversation for about 30 min, I was sat in the middle, and I seriously contemplated closing my eyes and falling asleep.

The next day was spent at DISNEYLAND!!!
An entire day at the happiest place on earth?! UHHH yes please!
We sang, we pranced, and we even got our pictures taken with Disney princesses :D

My favorite disney princess Cinderella was there too.....ps. I hate being touched and touching people so......hence the gap.
 It was a magical day.
Sunday my cousins left after a morning of lounging around my dorm watching more of our new favorite show and laughing at the happenings of our weekend.

Weeeew! Fun times. I am off on a full week of school, 2 concerts, (fun fact: my sister gets married in a month), and I am over halfway through the semester!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good times! The Beach, going out, Disneyland, kicking back and relaxing, people who care about you so much they drive 14 hours to be with you--Priceless!