October 1, 2013

Tune In Tuesday

The artist I am choosing for this week's Tune in Tuesday post is one of my favorite artists.....drumroll....
Ryan Keen! Keen, a singer/songwriter with crazy talent on the guitar and a soothing voice, has just released his debut album, "Room for Light". And you should all go buy it. It has a few new songs on it, like Skin and Bones, Wish You Well, and When the Daybreaks, as well as some oldies but the goodies: Old Scars, Orelia, and Trouble. 
I really think you should all take a listen, and since I could not choose just one song to share with you, I picked some of my favorites that were avaliable. Now while you cannot purchase it on iTunes in the states, you CAN buy it on his website!! And there is a signed album option too :) I am so excited about this album, he has been working hard to get to this point and thank goodness the album is out. It is literally music to my ears. :)
(If you live in the UK you can also catch his tour for the month of Oct., and I, having gone to a show last year in London, highly recommend you check him out live! Click here for tour dates)

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