December 4, 2013

Merry December!!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the month of December!!
I know it has been a long while since I have spent time on here but life has been a nonstop busy thing.  I hope you are all doing well :)
I have just flown home and back to LA for Thanksgiving and more importantly for my sister's wedding!! I was so happy to fly home and see everyone. I forgot how much I love and miss Seattle. The fresh air, the trees, the snow capped mountains, as well as all the green!!! I highly recommend you visit Seattle at some point in your life. :)
When I landed last Tuesday night my family and I hit the ground running. Wedding planning and prep was a constant, and we did not stop until the early hours of each morning. The wedding was beautiful, my sister looked absolutely gorgeous. I only cried...well....a lot. After the ceremony we headed to the reception which was my decorating job. I hope everyone that was there enjoyed it. There was a root beer keg, ice cream machine, a hot chocolate bar, coffee, tea and desserts coming out the earlobes. We had a photo booth that is ALWAYS a hit, and the special touch my sister wanted to have was caricature artists which were huge hits as well. And yes there was dancing. Lots of it.
My family didn't end up leaving the place until almost midnight. Luckily friends of ours helped us clean up the reception. Our feet were tired and our bodies only wanted sleep, but when we got home we popped some bubbly, sat around in our wedding clothes (I was in my pjs) and my parents, sister, my aunt and uncle and myself talked about the days events. Rolled into bed around 1 am, then it was off to the airport for me at 6 am. I said a tearful goodbye to my family and hopped onto the next flight to LA. ....P.s. Alison Hannigan was on my flight. I fangirled quietly to myself.
Man I miss my home, but the good news is there are only 15 days left until I go home for Christmas!!

Here are a few photos from the wedding!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whirlwind weekend of activity. You and your sisters are so lucky to have each other and you're so gorgeous!