January 28, 2014

3 Weeks

Hello friends of mine
As of today I have been alive and well in London for 3 weeks. I am slightly shocked at that marker because I feel like I have been here for months. Everything is somewhat routine now, I feel like I have never not lived in London except when it comes to crossing unmarked streets....yeah that is when it is blatantly obvious I am an american.
I have yet to find a pub or cafe that I frequent but to be honest I have never been one to frequent the same coffee shop. So I don't think I will really be a regular customer anywhere. That said, it was a nice thought.
I have not seen Prince Harry yet. And yes me and Kate are great friends, we have weekly walks through the park with Prince George in a stroller. We always finish our walks with a nice cup of tea and biscuits.
I have found myself wearing more black than normal. I don't dare smile at strangers because no one does that here...except Americans (sorry country, I am disowning you for the next 4 months). I carry an umbrella with me everywhere I go. I refuse to talk at a normal level on the tube because Americans are the only chatty ones on the tube. Basically I am slowly starting to pretend I am British.
As for life outside London...well...
I have ventured to Camden for a night out with some of my friends. Had to take the night bus back, which means I have the knowledge now to take the night bus...kind of. I am champ at navigating the tube.
Basically I am loving it here. It feels like home to me which makes me feel so happy. I would like to stay here forever. :)

But to be honest I cannot believe I am just short of being here for a month already. I have a feeling it will just go by even faster as the semester goes on and I am not okay with that. This experience is fantastic and I highly encourage ANY college student to consider studying abroad. :)

I look unhappy in this photo but also very hipster-y so I put my ego first and posted it for your eyes.
I am going to now listen to music until the clock hits 5pm. Then it's peace out music, hello food. Yum.

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