April 7, 2014

Spring Break: Greece (Day 6)

On our last day in Greece we decided it would be best to take it easy. We slept in, ate our cake and drank our tea. We lounged out on our balcony basking in the sunshine. It was finally sunny in Santorini!!
Obviously our next decision was a no brainer. Gyro time. And boy did I savor every bite of the delicious scrumptious warm and tasty gyro.
We tried to find a spot to lay out in the sun, but we were fighting this very intense wind that was blowing all sorts of junk into our eyes and pores, yahooooo. After dodging piles of donkey nastiness in a dead end pathway we decided to just lay on a hotel roof top.
Meagan and I found a sweet spot while Kelsey and Ruth were over a few hotels from us lounging on a different roof. Meagan and I were in our spot for about 10 min, and came to the conclusion that exploring the the island hotel spots would be warmer than getting wind whipped. After ogling some more over the island hot spots we came across an almost perfect roof and plunked down to enjoy the bits of sun rays. I think we were there for about 30 min when this man walked over to us and goes "Hello ladies, I live in this house behind you and saw you sitting out here. I thought you might like something to drink, so I brought you these. Enjoy the sunshine! And enjoy Greece!" And with that he handed us each a glass of orange pop. We just stared at each other with the sappiest and creepiest smiles on our faces and told the man "thank you soooo much!" We were over come with emotion on what a nice gesture that was. Ps. It was delicious! I think that made a huge impact on my experience in Greece because that was the nicest gesture I have ever had on a trip. I love Greece!
 Meagan looking loungy...
More exploring....
Meagan and I thought about how much we wanted bakery sweets and headed back into town to find some. We entered 3 bakeries and all of them where a no go in the sweet department. Upon chance luck and one massive sweep of dust from the wind we found a hidden bakery. When we entered the shop I had just gotten something in my eye from the dust so I looked like I had been crying, which maybe I was.....baked goods make me very emotional...
We didn't see anything we wanted but since the old man selling the baked goods was adorable and really nice we purchased a chocolate croissant. HE EVEN WARMED IT UP! It was nommy, and I barely saved any of it for my tea when we returned to our hostel.

Before dinner, Meagan, Kelsey and I ran to a hotel in the town and sat on a roof top to watch our last Santorini sunset for the trip. We had the best time chatting, laughing and talking about things girls talk about when the setting is majestic and there are a lot of emotions happening. SO just a really wonderful deep conversation from 3 girls who never knew each other existed 3 months prior.
Then a cat showed up.

Conversation ended, Meagan ran away from the cat. I began laughing (as I do with anything), and Kelsey began getting overly excited about the cat. She even picked up the cat, who's claws were fully extended at this point....she tried to snuggle it. It did not like that.
We all huddled together and watched the last bit of sunset. The cat joined us.
We decided to take a few more photos and then Meagan was all welcoming of the cat, which is weird because she loathes them. Then she saw it's battle wound on it's back and that was the beginning and the end of Meagan the cat lover. *a moment of silence please.*
The stages of Meagan and the cat...
 You're not so bad-
Why me?-

Andddddd Kelsey could care less....

One big happy family!
Cue sunset photos...
I think I ended up avoiding the cat for the rest of the roof top-sunsetness because I don't do wounds of any kind. Kelsey...well she could care less. She was completely supportive of the wounded cat. That was until she looked at the OTHER battle wound and she freaked and we ran home. Fun times.
For dinner that night we went to the local restaurant. It was not very busy which was not a bad thing. We ate traditional greek plates and had our fill of bread. Kelsey even ordered the strongest alcoholic beverage I have ever laid my eyes upon. It was 45% alcohol and tasted like licorice. Kelsey took drink, nearly spat it out. Meagan took a sip next, she made a face. I tried it next, phwoar. STRONG. I think it burned the whole way down and I barely took a sips worthy. The waiter took the drink after we told him there was no way we could finish it, he said he would finish it for us. He also was smiling when he took the drink away.
As dinner was winding down I found myself enjoying the music in the restaurant and therefore I began dancing in my seat. Well, the waiter saw this and he came scampering over and goes "Ah you like this? You like to dance?" I replied with a bashful "Oh yeah, you know *insert Katie shoulder dancing here*" He proceeded to get his phone out and show me and my friends the traditional greek dance that is performed at ceremonies. Kelsey insisted he teach me how to dance, and I insisted she shut her mouth before he actually considered that. Luckily he didn't. Phewww. He was a super lovely waiter though. We chatted to him a lot, he even invited us out to go clubbing with him that note, we all said that would be fun, but in the back of our minds we all knew that we'd rather sleep and pack our stuff up than go out. We didn't tell him that though. :)

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Your photos are so inviting. Laughed at the cat and the girls reactions. Sighed over the pretty sunset!