July 25, 2014

Tea Time Chat--Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Hello readers, I think I should do this thing where I tell you some personal things about myself (not always meaning like "AH TMI!" personal but like...FACTS. I will call them facts..) that you otherwise may not know about me.

Since I love tea I thought I would call this spot "Tea Time Chat" Mmmmm tea.

The topic that I want to share is, "Things That Make Me Uncomfortable". I will only tell 5 things because woah, we could be here for a while and I am sure you have more productive things to do than to read for 42 minutes.

Let's get cracking then!

  1. I absolutely do not like it when people discuss politics at family dinners... when that happens at big family dinners I literally will stop talking and shove food after food into my mouth and just stare at my plate, my fingers or the squirrel outside. 
  2. Another thing that makes me uncomfortable is PDA. WOAH NO. I understand you like the person you are with because obviously, YOU ARE HOLDING THEIR HAND, but I reeeaaalllyyyy don't need to see you face smashing, or all grabby and whispery and woof, excuse me I believe my lunch wants to see another sunlit day.
  3. I get uncomfortable when people start arguing. I know I am not alone on this but when I see adults squabbling I slink away.
  4. I also become uncomfortable when my jeans don't fit after I eat a meal. Like, you fit before jeans, and now all of a sudden you are making me pull you up and over my gut. Why you can't just be unnoticed and not turn all red from my jeans waist band. 
  5. Talking about my future plans. It makes me roll everything including my eyes when people ask, "What are you going to do with that degree??" I don't know, be awesome because I have a degree in psychology and I can analyze everything you do and say........it's like its own superpower. 
    1. I feel extra uncomfortable when someone says to me, "Why don't you have a boyfriend? You are so pretty." Wow, gee, I don't know, does it look like I know?! Why are you asking me a question I don't have an ANSWER to.

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