October 1, 2014

Awkward Me


1. Chatting up a really cute guy at a bar, he's super interested, you're super interested. He asks you a question, you answer but instead of answering calmly you decide to throw your hands about and you knock over your drink...All.over.his.lap.
Luckily it was just ice by that point, but still. (P.s. I still got a number from him. I guess you can say I just "Let the chips fall where they may..." She's The Man Fans??

2. Falling over while doing the tree pose in yoga class. It's going down I'm yelling timber.

3. Playing the in and out elevator game with students at my school. Hurry to the elevator, the doors are closing but I make it in by bumping the door with my massive hip bones. The guys are all Ohh! Nice! Then I notice the sign pointing up. Crud. I wanted to go down a floor, I quickly said "Ah, you are going up? I need to go down." So I hop out. The guys go, "Oh no it's cool!" I laugh and then hurry my booty and massive hip bones out of there. It was awkward, and now I ALWAYS check the signal sign.

4. Same guy from bullet number 1--He walks up to talk to me and he is literally the most attractive man I have maybe physically in real life ever laid eyes upon. So attractive I had no words coming out of my mouth. Just air.

5. Sitting on the couch reading a book, when you notice a car pull up outside your house. A older man gets out of the car, looks directly in through the window and begins walking towards the house. He rings the doorbell. In the meantime you stealthily slink off the couch and plank on the living room floor...because then obviously no one is home.

6. Getting called out in class for NOT talking. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??? Prof, I don't get you.
7. Avoiding eye contact with the swedish exchange students at my school. They are stoopid attractive, and I was the lucky lass who was stuck in an elevator with 5 of the men after I had been to yoga. Sweaty, not put together, and unbelievably uncomfortable....how long does it take to go up 3 floors???????? HELP. IKEA.

8. Putting the cereal in the fridge not once but twice in the same day.

9. Working out at the gym, being in a super great rhythm--plank, leg in, and kick leg out. Repeat--plank, leg in, kick ou---OH! Sorry lady I didn't know you were standing behind me.

11. I think I can just say yoga and me equal one pile of non-flexible movements. Last Tuesday in class we were told to spread our legs apart and stretch out our hamstrings. I had to move back a bit on my mat so my 6 ft. legs wouldn't get in the way of the people sitting either side of me. What do my heels decide to do?? Yes, make a human gas sound not once but 3 times. Yay Katie. Now you have officially made silent yoga become well...not silent.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha. So, your life is still a bit awkward. Can I just say, welcome back!