September 12, 2011

Hello September! Goodbye Summer.

Well the summer is almost over for most. Which means time to put away the shorts and tanks and pull on the sweaters and boots. Not that I'm not excited for that, I just am not eager to head back into the school work. This last weekend my family went to Kayak Point, which is a beautiful beach on the Puget Sound. I had never been there before and so my parents decided it was time I went. I am so glad I got to go, the breeze was small, the air was the most comfortable temperature I had ever felt at a beach and the sky was a beautiful pink and blue tone. We invited our friend to come along which was fun. I have to say I will miss the sweetness and simplicity that summer brings. I leave on Wednesday for California and I am pretty excited about that, and then next week I start back to school. I am sad to see summer leave, but with the crisp morning air that will come and the leaves changing color I guess I am ok with fall.

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