October 19, 2011

Best Friends

We all have them, call them what you want. You may have one or you may have ten. Best friends. Bosom buddies. Bestie. BFF. Our best friends keep us solid, they keep us whole. They are the one you call when you have just broken up with your significant other. The one you laugh with after you have just fallen. The one who will tell you what you don't want to hear and you will listen. The one that will stay up with you til 2 in the morning just talking about life. I don't know about you but I don't think I couldn't have gotten through many of my hardships with out my best friend's. They aren't necessarily going to be in your life forever, but for the time that they happen to be in your life they are there for a reason. I happen to have 4 best friends. Two of the four being in my family (one a sister, one a cousin) and the other two are off at college, one in Montana, the other an hour away. My friend in Montana is my other half. Honestly, she is me, from another family. I basically live at her house when she is home from school and we can talk about everything from major to minor i.e. a little hangnail on our finger, which reminds us of how annoying some people can be. She always makes me laugh and constantly reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. I admire her. She is so courageous and doesn't live in regret. If she sees something she will go for it 110% and then never look back. Which is something that I don't do. She never talks poorly about her body, she never says "I feel ugly/gross/whatever". She sends me cards in the mail for no reason. I'm telling you this girl is amaze. Who ever gets to marry her, you are one lucky man. Anyways. This post is for the bosom buddies, the friends till the end, the sister's from another mister. The hoe's over bro's. The best friends.

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