October 20, 2011

Hey kitty cat, don't do that.

So this morning it was particularly rainy out, so when it rains we don't let our cats outside. Milo aka king of the house uses this as his time to cry out at the doors in the house until we let him out, eventually he gives up and goes to sleep. This morning however, as I was multitasking, doing my math homework on the floor of the living with my tv in the background, Milo decides to buddy up next to me and get in my face. Not only did he purr, but he plunked down right on top of my math problems....uhhh ya, "Sorry teacher I couldn't finish my homework because my cat decided to lay on it." Not a solid excuse. Anyways, I went to get my camera to take a photo of it, but he moved. Needless to say he did it twice this morning. Drama king.

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