October 30, 2011

Life Gives You Lemons....

             So the other day I got some news that was majorly upsetting. I had a meltdown and began questioning everything I have done leading up to this point in my life. Which only made me even more upset...but anyways. Since my parents happened to be across the globe, my lovely cousin called me and talked me out of my schlump. I realized that maybe I need this, maybe this will be a good thing. And maybe some of my passions I should pursue. Doesn't matter about the money, for that'll come somehow, instead go after some of my passions for a while...like styling. I love it. I have loved it. And I will always love it. Psychology for me I love too, but maybe I am not supposed to be a psychologist, suffer through 7+ years of school, a. Maybe I get my degree, then pursue my styling. Who knows. Only God does, and I am 1000% positive that what He has in store for me will be better than I could have ever imagined. It's just the journey that is the hard part. I mean let's be honest here, figuring out your life always looks good on paper, but when reality hits, and things collide, crash-bang-boom on your heart strings and you don't understand why, I think that is God being like "Woah, hey there. So this will kinda bum you out at the moment, but in about..ohh, I'd say give it a few months you will see what I have planned for you and it'll all work out" something along those lines, or He is saying "Sloooooow downnn there turbo, you need to take a break" which I think He is doing to me-RIGHT NOW-no doubt..I have wanted and needed a break from school for about ohhh forever. And going to school for 15 years is a dang long time. So ya. I know I will get to do something awesome, could be psychology, could be styling, could be something I have never thought of, but whatever it is, it will be good for me. And I will be happy.

On that note! Have a wonderful Sunday night and Happy Halloween tomorrow!

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