October 30, 2011


Unlike most college students, my halloween weekend was not full of booze and costumes. Instead it was full of family, laughter, and sleeping...lots of it. My parents made it back yesterday from their fabulous Italian and Parisian adventure. Oh la la. I am so so so happy they are home. I didn't realize how much happier I am when my parents are around. My heart literally feels so warm and happy. :D Another excellent thing about them being home is that my dad turned on the heat! Hallelujah! It is now 67 degrees in the house instead of being 62.4 yes!!!!! My parents had so much to tell us and share. They even brought me back an awesome scarf that I call the "Loopty loop". I L-O-V-E it. They brought me back my very own Eiffel Tower, since the one I bought in France 2 years ago broke...boo. They brought each of us another scarf from Italy, and they are beautiful....just going to say this now-"they have fringe on the end of them and you roll them up almost like bandana..." so give it 2 years America, it'll be a fad over here by then. Last but not least they brought me back a print from Paris! SO happy about that. It will be framed and added to my artwork walls. My parents brought back enough chocolate and wine to last us a few months and pictures to look at for weeks. I love my family so so so much! I am so blessed.

On a side note, this weekend I finished my room. It's a grown up girl room as my sister calls it. Now all of my teenage years are in a bag. Weird. I am going to try to convince my mom to let me have the Parisian chandelier in my room...I hope I can achieve this. My parents had the jetlag hit them with the worst of it today. One word-Slow. Their talking and moving was slow after 1 p.m.. We hit up Costco after lunch today and filled the cart with the necessary items: sourdough bread, cookies, and mozzarella cheese. Nommmm. 

Highlights from today:
  1. Waking up early with the heat on.
  2. my mom in the kitchen in her blue bathrobe.
  3. Having my mom cooking soft boiled eggs for me, my dad, and her
  4. Listening to my parents talk about their trip before the fog had lifted outside and before my sisters were up.
  5. Listening to my Michael Buble christmas cd for the 5th time...well my mom hadn't heard it yes. And it's good so ha!
  6. Talking with my mom while eating our soup. Something I have missed so so so much.
  7. Having my mom rub my back or play with my hair while we sat in church. Loved that since I was itty bitty.
  8. Teasing my dad...also have missed that for a month.
  9. The safety of a warm house, with people you love while the rain, fog and wind are occurring outside.
  10. Getting a call that my cousin is PREGNANT! YAY!!!!

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