October 13, 2011

Not so typical Thursday.

Today I went to the podiatrist's office to have my feet casted for my very own orthotics. My doctor came into the room and goes "Alright, it's time to get plastered and it's not even 11 a.m. yet." Haha good one. It was a weird thing to see casts of my feet, weird in a cool science nerd way. Love it. After the casting my sister and I had about an hour or so of time to kill before I had to go to school. We went to a vintage store where there were lots of cool odds and ends, but nothing worth spending money on. Then we drove around some old neighborhoods and claimed our future houses (yes plural). She then came to school with me and met up with my other sister while I learned about the Law of Cosines. The three of us after class went to Thai food and ordered way to much. We then proceeded on to getting the oil changed and sounding like dumb blondes while talking to the guys who worked there. Awesome. I am listening to the rain while studying for my math test, then a meeting, and then the GYM. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
{Cool home we saw today}

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