October 11, 2011


Ferry ride
The picture above is from my adventure with my cousin to go get crepes, I was mimicking the Titanic photo...minus Jack.

Hello lovelies!
Today, is another blustery fall day complete with grey sky's and trickles of raindrops. Listening to the wonderful Billie Holiday as I write this. For some reason I am excited. I don't know what about, but something is making me feel very excited, so who knows! I may be venturing down south after school today to visit my cousin for the day so maybe that's what I am looking forward too...hmmm. On another note my room looks like a tornado hit it, which that to me means it's time to clean out my room and refresh my wardrobe. This last weekend my sisters and I went shopping and I ended up buying some key pieces for fall including a mustard colored chunky cardigan, a striped sweater, a blue and white polka dotted skirt and 4 gold chained bracelets of sorts. It's days like today that make me excited to wear the warmest, chunkiest clothing, curl up infront of the fire with tea and watch an old black and white movie. Oh sweet comforts. I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

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