November 15, 2011


{On my backpack...the "Keys", guilty.}
I would like to give myself a pat on the back. This morning, I did my hair, make up and had on a pretty complete looking outfit. Time came for me to leave for school, so I packed up my backpack took out my keys, grabbed my bracelets and locked the door. I was walking to my car to unlock the door with my keys, turns out my "keys" were my bracelets, and my actual keys were inside. on my bed. in a nice locked up house. Lovely. Now what. Considering that no one is home, everyone is at work. I called my mom, who sympathized with me. And then I called my sister. Who luckily was just leaving school. I sat outside and waited for about a half an hour, in 40 degree weather. Needless to say I did not go to class today.

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