November 14, 2011


Ok, so this isn't a fashion post about's a fashion post about shelving. If you think about it our homes are like our wardrobe. We can dress them up or dress them down, change the color and move things around in order to get the vibe we actually our homes are just the extension of our closets. And bookshelves. Well they are one of the most fabulous statement pieces in one's home.These are some of the bookshelves that I have grown to adore. Can you imagine having one of these in your home??

{The picture, the book ends, all the shelving nooks..this is one statement piece if I have ever seen one}
{Great use of empty space-a bookshelf UNDER the stairs!}

{Yes-Our bookshelf reaches the we need a ladder}
{Perfect, right down to the green velvet curtain to hide the bookshelf from company. LOVE}
{Simple wood planks, with a bookshelf loaded with favorite items and books stacked all different ways}
{A how-to from cupcakesandcashmere-very helpful!}
{Love the mix of art with the books}
And the BEST bookshelf of all time goes to......
{WINNER!!...okay so it isn't a "bookshelf" per say, BUT it is the best way to do up a shelving system}

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Charlotte Beecham said...

i love your blog. Great vibe.
would love it if youd check out mine as it features my recently launched scarf line 'Charlotte&Lisa"