December 13, 2011

Taken Tuesday

I am going to try this. Here is a photo I took. I know this has nothing to do with fashion. But well I guess my blog can just be a hodgepodge of different things that I love. Maybe I'll make this a weekly thing. 
I am thinking I'll call it Taken Tuesday.
(Get it like take a photo soo haha...if you have other ideas let me know!)

P.S. I fell in love with Portland when I went. So this is just an ode to Portland. 

(If you would like to use this photo please site sources, stealing isn't cool.)
Photo credit-Katie Olsen-ME


Hilary Nicole said...

Great photograph! I love the vintage feel it has. Have a great night!

XX Hilary

Katie said...

Thank you! You have a great night too!

Hannah said...

Gorgeous! Lovely blog, following now


Katie said...

thank you! and welcome to my blog!!