December 15, 2011

Clean it Out

Thursday is garbage day where I live. (I know you really wanted to know that. You're welcome) So in honor of cleaning I decided it was prime time I cleaned out my make-up bag. I know you are supposed to clean it out every 6 months to a year, buttttt that is asking a bit much for me. So I am excited to say I did it! Here is all the loot I bought to replenish the old. (Mind you I am not a make-up girl, I love make-up I just don't wear it enough to buy the goods of it)

Writer's Note- This is all make-up that you can buy in Target
1. Newwwww Eyeliner! the liquid kind. My was drying out, and I love liquid liner.
2. New Mascara- I used to have the volume CG brown/black, but they were out so I got this new kind and I'm kinda loving what it does to my eyes.

3. New Pencil Eyeliner-This time I got one that is retractable and doesn't need a pencil sharpener, since I was tired of all the nastiness of the sharpener
4. New Blush! and not the pink kind your Grandma wears! Yay Katie!!
(Let me just add I LOVE this blush! I didn't like how Barbie pink (ya I know, embarassing) the last blush I had was, this one is soft and it's more of a bronze with pink hues in it.)
5. The bigger buy (not cost wise) was a new MAKEUP BAG! Yayayayay! I am just proud of myself because my old bag was just that, old. I got this one in the travel section of Target. It was cheap. WIN. 
Writer's Note- This is NOT what my bag looks like, it's grey with whitish pinkish polka dots and was $2.99 in the travel section. This is the shape of it though.

P.S. I also FINALLY bought The Head and The Heart CD. I have been wanting to get it for a while now. They are from Seattle, so I am feeling a bit proud of my fellow Seattlelites music. They are also really good.
Have a listen.

Have a great Thursday evening!


Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

You are hilarious! I buy most of my makeup at target too. I totally don't get why someone would spend $20 on department store mascara when they can get covergirl for $7.92 at Target. I do, however, splurge on my foundation. I get that at MAC.

Katie said...

Hahaha thank you! Yes, totally I understand the splurge and steal of what you put on your face. Foundation is a necessity :)