January 21, 2012


Woohoo! It's my 100th post today folks!! And in honor of hitting 100, I am going to share with you a list of 100 favorites of mine as of now. I would also like to thank you as the viewers of Citizen Images. This blog has been so fun to do and has allowed me to share fashion, music and just my quirky moments. So thank you everyone!
  1. Paris, France
  2. Fashion-Couture
  3. Fashion Week--Paris, Milan, New York
  4. Concerts
  5. Road Trips
  6. Black & White photography
  7. Christian Louboutin high heels
  8. French Films
  9. My iPhone
  10. Glitter
  11. The color gray
  12. February 8th--p.s. I share a birthday with James Dean...well that is if he were alive.
  13. People that can make me laugh
  14. Stories from grandparents of when they were my age
  15. Ed Sheeran's music----all of it. No joke.
  16. Antique Shopping--this includes flea markets
  17. Rachel Zoe--The Rachel Zoe Project too
  18. My molten lava cake recipe. Any one who eats it loves it.
  19. Le Tour Eiffel
  20. A man who can sing AND play the guitar and/or piano
  21. Blueberries. Frozen and fresh
  22. The color pink
  23. Lipstick
  24. Tattoos on men...with muscles
  25. London, England
  26. Making music videos with my sister
  27. Birkin
  28. Those really good text messages you get from a guy. You know the ones....annnnd save...
  29. Music that makes my whole body physically ache
  30. Interior Decorating. Yes I have my future home all planned out. So.....
  31. Planning my and my sister's move to London
  32. Not going to school
  33. Driving around for no reason with my camera. I love wandering the roads.
  34. Vanilla Roobios Tea
  35. Disneyland.
  36. Ryan Gosling
  37. Ryan Reynolds
  38. Mumford & Sons
  39. Loopy scarves. Also chunky scarves
  40. Duncan Penn
  41. Project Runway with Mandi
  42. Valentino
  43. Edgar Degas
  44. Modern Art
  45. Michael Bublé--any and all of his songs. plus meeting him is also a favorite. (Story to come later)
  46. Frank Sinatra
  47. Home videos from when I was 3
  48. My grandma's homemade rye bread
  49. Reminiscing about my grandpa's life. How I miss him. Hilarious man.
  50. Andria Lindquist photography. Ridiculous talent.
  51. Singing "Cowboy Take Me Away" with my best friends Abby and Michelle.
  52. Kate Middleton. Such class
  53. Pasta. With exception to ravioli and tortellini
  54. Peonies
  55. Nicholas Sparks--the books, the movies. Hopeless romantic right hurrrr.
  56. Carey Grant
  57. Gregory Peck
  58. Dancing--anywhere.anytime.
  59. Smart people
  60. Funny people
  61. People who don't take themselves too seriously
  62. Understanding that my boyfriends don't know I exist. (see #36,37,40, 70, 71...)
  63. Strawberry pie
  64. Instagram
  65. Summer tan
  66. Lace
  67. Chiffon
  68. Oscar de la Renta
  69. Chanel
  70. Rupert Grint
  71. Matthew Lewis
  72. Sad songs. So sad, so good.
  73. My mom and dad, my sisters, my family
  74. Malibu--Zumba Beach
  75. Canada
  76. Friday Night Lights....more importantly Tim Riggins
  77. Watching the Bachelor & Bachelorette with my best friend Abby
  78. Men with accents--British, Australian, Scottish, Irish.
  79. Over the knee boots
  80. Nordstrom
  81. The snow
  82. Listening to the rain fall while going to sleep
  83. Scruffy men--see my pinterest board for more info.
  84. Blasting the Enchanted soundtrack in the car. With the windows down. Singing to everyone we pass.
  85. Essie Nail Polish
  86. Friends. (people and the show)
  87. Harry Potter
  88. Edith Piaf
  89. Elie Saab
  90. Sour Candy--Tangfastics, Sour Patch, Sour Belts, Sour Worms..(my mouth is now watering)
  91. Croissants. (Chocolate and plain)
  92. Prince Harry
  93. Editing Photos
  94. Pride & Prejudice (the costumes and the set and the story)(as well as all Jane Austen love stories)
  95. Black & White films
  96. Sour Jelly Belly's
  97. The British music scene. (Ed Sheeran, Leddra Chapman, Lewis Mokler, Mumford & Sons, Example, Emeli Sande, Adele...need I say more)
  98. Cranium (the game)
  99. Rose Gold watches
  100. Becoming me. Having support from everyone and enjoying my journey in life. Cheesy. Yes. Lying. No. 
Thank You EVERYONE for reading this ridiculously long list. I appreciate everyone who has viewed my blogged. Commented on it. And shared it. Honestly, it feels awesome to have people from around the world take a looky-loo at parts of my life. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

100 momentous moments and thoughts!

Anonymous said...

100 seems so old, but this 100 makes me smile!