January 20, 2012

Fail & Fabulous Friday

  • Hurting my neck while going down a slippery slide in the snow...youch!
  • Someone walking in on me while I was indisposed...umm yes by don't come in I meant come in...
  • Falling over again in my chair while watching a movie..I really need to work on my balancing technique.
  • Can't count how many times I slipped and fell in the snow. At least we had 12 inches of pure powder.
  • Having a man follow me and my sister out of Starbucks and continue to talk to us about his issues...needless to say, we decided not to take the alley back home.
  • Hiding under the dining room table to scare my sister, only to realize it was my grandma...I crawled out because I didn't want to give her a heart attack.
  • Spending an entire Saturday evening alone, thus leading me to have full on conversations with my cats. That is when I decided I should call a human being...
  • Watching a movie with my sister, getting to the best part and the power goes out. Ya, can't really do a whole lot with that.
  • Not going to the gym at all, thus finding exercise with sledding, snow shoveling, and walking from my room to the kitchen numerous times.
  • 12 inches of PURE WHITE BEAUTIFUL SNOW!!! 
  • Because of the snow I had no school at all. Thus I will have had an 11 day break from school.
  • Playing lots of games, canasta, banana grams, sledding...etc
  • My sister getting to stay home from work 2 days in a row! 
  • Laying in bed with my sister staring out the window at the snow falling down
  • My molten chocolate lava cake.
  • Having Lewis Mokler follow me on twitter! (YES, people check him out.)
  • Buying tickets to Snow Patrol's concerts in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver just because Ed Sheeran is the opener. (Yes. You should check him out too)
  • Convincing my sister and myself that if we had a tv show it would be better than the Kardashians
  • Not wearing makeup for a week. Best thing ever.
  • Getting caught up on lots of books due to the snow.
  • Being blessed with family, food, clothing and a home to keep me warm. 
(This is my version of Awkward and Awesome Thursday from the Daybook.) Check it out!

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