January 3, 2012


I tell people this so often, but I really think it is true. I swear I am an old woman in a 20 year old's body. And this my friends, is why...
  1. Favorite movies are the black and white ones. You know, the ones with Mr. Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Gene Kelly, Kurt Douglas and yes. Mr. dream boat Gregory Peck
  2. Favorite music: jazz and crooners. Oh yes, Sinatra, Fitzgerald, Piaf, Holiday, Armstrong the list goes on. As well as any jazz from the 20's-50's
Other favorites are:
  1. Old photos from the 20's-50's are my favorite
  2. I love looking through antique stores to find old postcards and cameras
  3. I adore the sound that recordings would make with the scratchy background noise
  4. Paris in the 20's-50's need I say more
  5. The LETTERS. The letters loved ones would send each other all the time.
  6. Gentlemen. The men that would hold doors for women, bring them corsages for dates, hold out coats for women to put on, stand up when a lady entered a room and pull out a chair for a woman.
  7. Oh! AND the CLOTHESSSSSSS.....Coco Chanel prime time.
I could keep going. That my friends is why I am pretty sure my soul is an old lady and my body is a 20 year old.

(The reason why I bring this up is Sunday afternoon (after church) my mom and I went to a historic theater to catch a double feature of 2 old movies featuring Cary Grant. "His Girl Friday" which is my all time favorite and "Charade". It was beyond fun and I was the only one (besides my mom) who did not have grey hair))

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