January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Sorry for my extended absence, I have been busy with family and friends and I also bought the iPhone after Christmas and well, let's just say it is my new favorite thing.

I hope you all had a wonderful new year's eve and new year's. I went to a party for NYE and met lots of people. We played a game called "Quelf" which was hilarious! It was a group of about 16 people, only 4 of which I knew. We celebrated NYE with party poppers and proceeded the party out into the street for dancing and cheering. My friend and I shared a party popper and ours did not open..we still aren't quite sure what that means. We also had two deer run out infront of us on the drive back to her house and she lost an earring....so if that means anything for a for telling of our year to come, then I hope it's not going to be too bad...I hope. I had to drive home after the party and got home after the sweet hour of 1.

So here it is...MY New Year's Resolution:
(I know you were anxious to know)
  1. Get into college (4 year)
  2. Wear lipstick (I don't wear it at all)
  3. Wear heels 
  4. Better my photography
  5. Throw out my teenager clothes and restock my closet with the basic essentials, and more 20-something clothes.
  6. Say "yes" more
  7. Try something new
  8. Travel
  9. Be a more connected friend
  10. Continue my fitness routine but be more diligent with it.
  11. Do something for me
  12. Clean out my room (a thorough deep cleaning)
  13. Make my blog fun, interesting, and style centered.
  14. Enjoy my 21st! (First time I will ever drink alcohol-Feb.8th)
Yep. That's my hopes and dreams for the year, and I will willingly take the challenges, changes, and fun that come along with it. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


It's A Love Story said...

Cute blog and great ideas!



Katie said...

Thank you!

Kristal said...

Cute blog! :) I can't wait to check out more.


Katie said...

Thank you Kristal and welcome to my blog!