January 13, 2012

Fail & Fabulous Friday!

Hi friends, I am trying this new thing. I got this idea from Sydney author of The Daybook and I love it! (She always cracks me up!) I hope you enjoy!

Watching a movie in my papasan chair, leaning to the side to see better and then ending up on the floor. Awesome.

Showing up to math class and getting a set of warm up problems and just staring at the page for 10 minutes, with people asking me what I got for numbers"1,2,......5,6" umm no...but I do know that my favorite color is pink. 

Running on the treadmill with my iPod, then proceeding to accidentally drop it and watch it fly across the gym floor.

Just spelling eyepod instead of iPod.

Having missionaries come over to talk to me and my sister about our faith. And having every sentence end with "so...ya...". 

Spending everyday this week in pj's till noonish, wrapped up in a blanket watching tv. 

Having musicians in England tweet back to me or just retweet me. 

Planning my sister's and my move to London/England. Daydreaming is the best!

Seeing my abs starting to appear and my arms beginning to have definition w/out flexing. (Only took 5 months)

Having "aha!" moments in church. 

Dressing up and feeling proper for an evening for my little 7th and 8th grade girlies that I mentor, for our annual girls formal dinner. 

Getting more than 20 followers on twittarrrrrr. 

Crawling around my house and ducking the windows when someone rang the doorbell. Nope, no one is home....I am just extra good at spying.

Frosty mornings with sunshine. Stunning. 
(My sister took this photo this morning on the way to the gym(I was driving))
 Happy Friday! I hope your weekend is FABULOUSSSSSSSS and there are some fail moments too...let's face it that's when the stories are made.


Kendra said...

haha. I totally laugh at ending every sentence with "soo..ya!" And you should totally move to London. I did my senior year of college and the BEST thing EVER!

Katie said...

Haha! Ya my sister lived there for a semester three years ago and loved it. We are excited!