January 14, 2012

Operation-Wine Bottle

Thursday my mom and dad's friends from Oklahoma flew in to visit us (my parents met them in their tour group when they went to Italy for a month last October) they are staying till Tuesday. Long story short, my parents and them went out yesterday and came home in the evening with 4 bottles of wine. They went to open a bottle and some how the cork became dislodged in the bottle and was stuck. Thus operation wine bottle commenced. It took 4 adults, pliers, a corkscrew, lots of muscle and the cork was free. I was the photographer for this event. (The rest of the evening involved cioppino soup, Europe traveling stories (loved it), farkle, and lots of laughter, followed by going to bed very late)


P.S. it is snowing right now!! I am so excited, I am gonna go stare outside for the next hour. Mesmerized.

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