January 19, 2012

Still Stuck

Still snowed in here where I live. We have well over 12 inches of snow and cannot go ANYWHERE. Which means plans with friends must cancelled (boo) and school is put on hold (yippee). Yesterday my dad, sister and I went sledding on these old sleds that we borrowed from my grandparents. Ya know the old ones from the 50's or 60's. Loved it! They go so fast! Me and my sister also discovered on Tuesday that plastic slides are the best when it has or is snowing. It's a must try if you haven't done so already. Today we stayed inside though. Read some books, watched some movies, played lots of games and puzzles and ultimately decided that I would be o.k. if the snow decided to melt, considering there is a wedding on Sunday. I hope everyone else is staying dry and warm wherever you are! Here are some photos from the last 7 days of snow.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I'm so jealous. I wish it snowed in Los Angeles. I love the trench coats and beanies. The scenery is just perfect. The trees with snow on them are to die for. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the snow love <3

Katie said...

Thanks! It is so beautiful I love it